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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Queen's Meme : The Culinary Meme (What is the Meaning of Thyme and other Deep Questions)

The Queen's Meme is hosted by Mimi over at The Queen's Meme on Tuesdays. Hurry up and join the royal court before you land yourself in The Dungeon!

This Week's Theme :

The Culinary Meme

1. If you could put thyme in a bottle, what is the first thing that you'd like to do?

I'd probably cook something! I don't know what though, because I've never used Thyme before :)

2. Do eggs really crack or do they merely have a nervous breakdown?

Personally, I think they are having a nervous breakdown..because well, they're about to be eaten!

3. Why are you whipping the butter? What did it ever do to you?

It added a lot of extra poundage to my thighs! It deserves it I tell you.

4. Do your spoons spoon in the drawer? Have you ever noticed? And more importantly, if wooden spoons spoon do they get splinters?

Eww! I never thought of it that way. Those naughty spoons. Well, I guess spoons need love too. I don't have wooden spoons though, but I 'wood' suppose they'd get splinters, but who cares when your already wood?

5. You hear: "Dumpling, my Dumpling, come hither." The candles are lit, the fondue is dipping, the Godiva is pouring, the scallions are steaming and the music is playing.....but wait, the windows are open.Why did you close them?

It's cold out and duh, can't have everything getting cold on me!

6. Do you need a recipe to cook or are you a bohemian chef? Show us your reckless and wild side in the kitchen. Don't have one? Here's a recipe I made just for you: You will need a spatula, a whisk, a gallon of Chardonnay, a banana and a rump roast. What is the name of your dish?

Well I usually go for a recipe, but there has been special occasions where I've just gone with it and created my own dishes. Usually things turn out pretty good, but I've had some times where I wish I could hide my face in shame because of the turn-out. If I had to make your above dish, I'd probably call it...A Battle on my Rump

7. After dinner, the dishes are so dirty that the dishwasher refuses to wash them.What did they say to get in hot water?

They said that my dish was wonderful, but if they had to wear it again they would make me tomorrow's dinner :( Naughty dishes!

8. Is your pot black?

Yep! Although, I do have some friends that say their's is green...hmm...are we talking about the same thing here?

9. What is the sexiest spice or condiment in your cabinet? What makes it so?

Well, I'd have to say vanilla. It tastes gross by itself, but it can really make a sweet dish. Plus, the scent can make my man jump me faster than I can whisk up a bowl of pudding...

10. How much crock is really in your crock pot?

Well, my crock pot is in the closet, and hasn't seen the light of day for some time. I think that it should be put in the dungeon..


j said...

Spoons need love too - that could be on a t-shirt!