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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Rambler - July 9th

This week on the Thursday Rambler, I thought I'd share some things that just gross me out!
It's a battle of the senses here at Falling Off The Shelf, and they're begging to be relieved of these nasty things!

I can't stand the taste of ONIONS...ick!..

Honestly, of all the things that can make me lose my appetite, it's the all mighty onion. The only reason I even stand for this nasty vegetable is the fact that my 3 year old cousin loves to call me her 'onion', because she loves onions. Unfortunetly that was my own doing, because I called her my 'pickle', in my defense, she is a little pickle!

Oh, how I hate the feel of CHALK...

Yes, this was a big problem growing up in a school system. I was forced to battle my demons each day of school at the chalkboard with this horrible creation. Needless to say, I was SOO happy to find out that most schools now have either a Smart Board, or Dry Erase boards. Those lucky children!

Eww..that that DOG smells!...

Can you honestly tell me that the smell of wet dog is a pleasant smell? I can't...Don't get me wrong, I'm a lover of dogs as well as all animals (amphibians, fish, and the like..)..but I can't get over this smell! I guess it's a good thing I don't groom dogs for a living...

Eww...the sound of NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD...really irks me...

This one goes hand in hand with my great dislike of chalk. Yes, I hate even the chalkboard and how when your trying to write (and the school system is so cheap that your writing with the tiniest piece of chalk known to man!) your nails grate along the board. Ewwwww that sound makes me want to hurl, ick. Even that's gross, sorry, haha!

The sight of PLUMBER'S CRACK really sickens me...
No offense if you sport this on a daily basis, but I can't 'bare' to look at it! I work with many people, that for some reason or another, don't think it's necessary to wear a belt. Please, by all means, save us the sight!

Well my wonderful readers! What grosses you out? Make a post on your blog about what grosses you out, feel free to snag my 'Eww! That's Just Gross' Banner for your post. You can just make a list, or even post pictures like I've done here.
Don't have a blog? - Just give me your answers here!
Don't forget all your senses! - Sight, Sound, Taste, Tough, and Smell :)


Sheila DeChantal said...

I am just laughing here. What brought that on?

All I can think of is.... Egg Nog.

It's thick and that just grosses me out. I dont know why. Might be the name too.... Egg Nog.


jennilovevirgo said...

Haha, just trying to be different. It made you laugh though, so that's what counts!