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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Update & Things to Look Forward to!

First off, I want to say that I'm getting a new internet service provider on July 13th. Until then, I'm 'stealing' internet service wirelessly from my cousins across the street, lmao...shh they don't know! They better not care though, because they always do it to me, haha.

Second! and third and fourth on...

Each day of the week starting tomorrow I will be posting daily Famous Birthdays, but whats fun about this is....

***If you are a FOLLOWER and have been for at least a week, and you post your birth date to ANY of my posts (EVER), I will record it for later use, during any upcoming contests if your birthday falls between the start and finish of the contest you will get an extra entry. (This does not apply to any contests already started.)
***You will get an extra entry during the contest if you can name a famous person's birthday that falls on the same day as yours. (This you will post when you enter the contest, I will leave a reminder in any upcoming contest rules).

I thought of the above while I was at work, why I don't know...but it seemed like something unique that I haven't seen at any other blogs before.

So, post your birthdate (I will record it for all future contests).

And if I don't update fully between now and the 13th it's because the wireless connection is kind of sketchy, eck, but I will try my hardest.

Coming This Week - My review of No Mad by Sam Moffie, along with an interview with the author!



aug 11 (i am very old so i know you don't want years!) spvaughan yahoo com

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December 22
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