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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Skullvine Press Contest!

***This post was directly lifted from the website. This contest is not hosted here, please read the rules below to enter at Skullvine Press.***

Welcome to our first annual Skullvines Blog Contest!

Would you like free books for a year? Can you write a nice review?

You’re perfect, then!


First off, here’s what you could win:

FIRST PRIZE: Get the entire Black Jack Derringer trilogy as they come out (the first is at the end of 2009, the rest are in 2010). They will be signed by Karen Koehler and she might even draw something funky inside.

Also, you’ll get one free copy of all the other titles released by Skullvines Press from January1st, 2010 to December 31st, 2010 (if a book is scheduled during this time and it isn’t released, you will not receive it. Simply put, if a new title comes in stock during said time, one copy is yours).

SECOND PRIZE: Get the signed Black Jack Derringer trilogy as each book is released.

THIRD PRIZE: Pick one Skullvines Press title available at the time of the contest’s end. We’ll send you a free copy.


Before we get into the details, check out the cover for Black Jack Derringer:

Sweet huh? Karen created it.

Okay, this is what’s needed to enter the contest:

1. Buy any Skullvines Press title in any form (We’re working on Kindle/pdf versions of selected titles at
Horror Mall) and from any place that sells them.

2. Post a review of the title on your blog. IMPORTANT: Only blog sites qualify, like wordpress, blogspot, etc. Places that DO NOT qualify are reviews, message board posts/threads, etc. You’re still welcome to re-post to those places, but we need a blog post to enter the contest. If you post to a blog on MySpace, The Haunt, Facebook, etc, that’s fine so long as it’s visible to the public (not kept private). Basically, if it’s a blog and we can link to it so anyone can read the review, you’ve got an entry.

3. The review can be good or bad, so long as it is honest. It MUST be in depth, however. If it just says, “It was great!” or “It sucked!” or if it looks like you only read the description on our site, we will reject it or ask for more detail. Don’t give away spoilers – just convince us that you actually read it.

4. Send us a link to the review –
If you do not get a response from us after a few days, try again in case your email went to our spam folder and we missed it.

5. That’s it! You will be entered into the contest, and we’ll post a link to your review on our
MEDIA page for others to visit.

6. Winners will be chosen randomly just before the release of the first Black Jack Derringer book, scheduled for the end of the year. This offers plenty of time to read some books. There is also no limit to the number of entries. You can enter again and again with each review of a Skullvines title.

So get crackin’! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to
Contact Us.