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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finished Challenge : August 2009 Reading Challenge

Well, yesterday was the last day for the August 2009 Reading Challenge hosted by Pizza's Book Discussion. I thought I did pretty good reading a total of 8 books for the month, and then I noticed that some people read over 30! WOW! I need to quit my day job or something...haha, I WISH! Well, here are the 8 Books I finished for the challenge, each has a review as well!

1. Angel of Mercy by Toni Andrews
2. Seduce Me by Robyn DeHart
3.Lizzi & Fredl : A Journey of Love and Faith by William B. Stanford
4. Bleak History by John Shirley
5. Laced With Magic by Barbara Bretton
6. A Better View of Paradise by Randy Sue Coburn
7. Show No Fear by Marliss Melton
8. Rot by Michele Lee


Alexia561 said...

Congratulations on finishing eight books for the challenge! I only mangaged to finish five, so you beat me! *L* Not sure how people were able to hit double digits, but maybe if we won the lottery, we could read & review full-time! :D

Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf said...

Alexia - I'd love to win the lottery! To tell you the truth, the first thing I would review full time, lol...well that and buy a house big enough for a library :)

margaret said...

YEah!! Congrats on finishing - I did ok - but I didn't hit my target! Did you know like this one person did like 30? Or something like that? CRAZY!