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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Review : EyeLeash : A Blog Novel by Jess C. Scott

Title : EyeLeash : A Blog Novel

Author : Jess C. Scott
Publisher : CreateSpace
Genre : Young Adult (17+)
ISBN : 978-1448615988
Rating : 4

Description from Amazon :

Jade Ashton is a sassy virgin. In her private blog, she vents about "fitting in" a world where superficiality reigns supreme. Suddenly all logic flies out the window when she meets Novan: the former geek, who's morphed into a delicious songwriter-musician. They decide to be "friends-with-benefits". But it's Novan, with his poems and riddling passages on his own blog--which *isn't private*--that backs out. EyeLeash captures self-discovery in the 2000s, and showcases the colorful, intricate drama in two youths' relentless search for themselves--and what's really in their hearts.

Review :

Jade Ashton is 17 years old, and she's a virgin. It's hard being the only virgin amongst her group of friends, because they are all sexually active and pretty much flaunt it by talking about their own escapades. Jade wants nothing more than to lose her virginity, but she's afraid of a few things. STD's and pregnancy are big issues for Jade, as they should be.

Despite the fact that blogging is so 'not cool' these days, Jade decides to create her own personal blog. When I say personal, I mean, personal, as in, no one else can even read it but herself. She uses it as her own personal diary to convey her thoughts, feelings, and other tidbits that she comes across while surfing the net and reading magazines. It's not long before she starts talking to an old friend, Novan, who used to be such a geek.

Novan has really filled out, and now he's a hot rocker, how cool is that! Jade has a hard time keeping her hormones in check when she's either talking to, or blogging about him. He becomes Jades ticket out of being a virgin, if only he'll agree to being 'friends-with-benefits'. Will it work out?

EyeLeash is most definitely a great read. I was a little skeptical when I saw it, because it's all written out in blog entries, text messages, and instant messages. I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed this novel. I felt like I knew Jade, and was extremely interested in seeing how things turned out for her. She's laugh out loud hilarious, as well as shy, which is kind of an odd combination. Jade would be one of those people that you would have to get to know before they'd really open up and show you who they really were.

I loved how Jade was able to speak her mind in her blog, telling us exactly how certain situations made her feel. Sometimes she got so angry that it was like she just typed out random thoughts that confused me, but they were meant to be that way, because who is completely logical when they're ready to tear someones head off? I for one am not.

There were a few things about Jade that I really disliked though. She is a shallow character, pretty much only out for looks when it comes to the opposite sex. She also had a spending problem. The prices of the things that she would purchase were completely ridiculous, which I found confusing because she didn't have a very good job. I guess this was the author's way of telling us that it's when your young that you'll be silly and screw up your credit by maxing out your credit cards.

All in all I really enjoyed this novel, and was actually able to read it within a two day span. If I didn't have to work a full time job in between my reading, I probably could have read it in one sitting. I laughed out loud through most of this book, and at other times I clenched my teeth because I was either angry at Jade herself or one of the other characters. I would recommend this read to young adults at least 17 and older, because there is a lot of sexual talk, and some crude words. I'd like to thank the author, Jess C. Scott for allowing me to review this book, it truly was a pleasure!


Natalie W said...

Great review, sounds like a very interesting read! I'll have to add it to my list.

Anonymous said...

Since the book was what the main character blogged about, was it formatted like a journal?

Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf said...

J.Kaye - Yes! It was formatted like a journal. I thought it was weird at first, but I really liked it!

Leslie said...

i've read this one and i thought she was way too shallow too haha but it was really funny lol omg the guy at the club! lmao that was like wow

Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf said...

I'm glad you agree Leslie! This book made me laugh out loud at times, fiance always gives me funny looks when I do that while I'm reading. He doesn't tend to read funny books...he sticks to his horror and suspense novels.