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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Review : Lucan by Susan Kearney

Title : Lucan
Author : Susan Kearney
Publisher : Forever Publishing
Genre : Paranormal Romance
ISBN : 978-0446543316
Series : Yes, #1 The Pendragon Legacy
Rating : 4

Description from Hatchette :

Healer and high priestess of her people, Lady Cael is fated to life without a mate. But a mysterious explorer named Lucan Rourke doesn't know her secrets, and his touch makes her crave a future that her extraordinary birthright has forbidden her. . .

Lucan has just one mission on Pendragon: to find the mythical Holy Grail, Earth's only hope for survival. His powerful attraction to Cael is a distraction he can't afford, unless he convinces her to join forces with him. Yet working so closely together only heightens their passion . . . even when the terrifying truth of Cael's heritage threatens to shatter Lucan's every belief-and the galaxy itself.

Review :

Lady Cael of Pendragon is a high priestess of her people. She is also their healer and the only woman on Pendragon that is forbidden to mate. She is also forbidden to touch or be touched by anyone, and the penalty is death. When a new scientist in search of the Holy Grail is added to the same team as Lady Cael, she is plagued with an overwhelming crave to touch him. She has never felt this way about anyone before, and must do everything to prevent herself from giving in. They're mission is to retrieve the Grail from the city of Avalon, or the world of Pendragon may be at stake.

Lucan Rourke has other plans for the Grail. He is on a secret mission from Earth to capture the Grail and return it to it's rightful place, Earth. If he can't follow through with his mission, the people of his planet will become extinct, and he can't let anything get in his way. When he comes face to face with Lady Cael, he becomes overwhelmed with her beauty and grace. He doesn't need a distraction, but she is the most beautiful one that he could have ever received.

This is the first novel by Susan Kearney that I have ever read, and a first to her new series, The Pendragon Legacy. I was more than happy to take part in the blog tour for this new release, as I've always been fascinated with paranormal stories involving dragons. What made this story more interesting for me was the fact that not only would I be getting my dragon fix, but I would also get to hear a spin on the legends of King Arthur. I couldn't wait for this book to arrive, and when it did I dove right in.

Susan Kearney is a wonderful writer, and her work from this novel alone has me itching to read more. The descriptiveness in this novel made it extremely easy for me to picture everything in my head, and the images I received were amazing. My personal favorites where when specific characters would dragonshape (transform from human into dragon).

Although this was a fictional piece, it has one great lesson that we should all abide by. No matter how different a person, you should not fear or discriminate against them. Lady Cael is a beautiful woman, dedicated to her people, people that are extremely devoted to her. Their only failure to her is that they fear her, because she is different. This makes Lady Cael feel alone, and despite her title, she is unhappy with her life.

I'm extremely greatful to be one of the few people to have been able to review this novel before it was released. It was a wonderful debut to a new series, and now I can't wait to read the second novel, Rion. Thank you very much Anna Balasi of Hatchette Books for allowing me to participate. Also, I would like to thank Susan Kearney for supplying a wonderful guest post, and writing such an intriguing novel.