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Monday, August 31, 2009

Review : Rot by Michele Lee

Title : Rot
Author : Michele Lee
Publisher : Skullvines Press
Genre : Romantic Horror
Series : No
Rating : 4

From Skullvines Press :

So you’ve raised your loved ones from the dead, but had no idea how difficult it would be to care for them.

No problem! Silver Springs is a warm, peaceful facility equipped to handle all your zombie needs. Their friendly staff will ensure they have a safe environment with daily exercise and raw meat.

Rest easy knowing they’re in good hands… as they rot.

In Michele Lee’s Rot, you won’t find an apocalypse or Romero-style flesh-eaters. This is far more disturbing.

In a world where certain people can will others back from death, Silver Springs Specialty Care Community caters to the undead for those who aren’t quite ready to let go (zombie milk available by special arrangement at the home office).

Dean, retired from the military and looking for an easier life, runs security at this zombie herding farm, but he learns that dark injustice is not unique to war. There’s a rotten core to Silver Springs. Now, Dean and a quickly-decaying corpse named Patrick are on the hunt for a woman they both love and lost to a lucrative business that specializes in greed, zombies and never having to say goodbye.

Review :

Dean has just retired from the military, and working at Silver Springs as a security guard is where he decided his time would be better used. On his first day of the job, he meets his new helpers, Patrick and Amy. They happen to be zombies, but they don't want to eat Dean, yet.

Patrick and Amy happen to be two of the only zombies in Silver Springs that still have their brains, no really, they haven't snapped yet. They still need to eat raw meat, and at times they feel like they will give into the temptation of chewing on a living arm, but for the most part they are just regular people. It doesn't take much for Dean to realize this, and he quickly becomes friends with them. When Amy gets taken away from Silver Springs, it's up to Dean and Patrick to find their friend, and put a stop to Silver Springs' foul ways.

This was a very short read, at 50 pages. Michele Lee was able to quickly give her readers a well written backround of each character, and a great story. Her writing flows very easily, and she is very descriptive. While this short book was a horror novel, it also had a touch of romance to it, which was a nice change from other Zombie fiction that I have read in the past. I'd be more than willing to read more by Michele Lee in the future. Thank you Skullvine Press for sending me a review copy of this book, it was a great read!

Purchase a hard copy from Skullvine Press.
Purchase an e-book copy from Horror-Mall.

This book was also read for the August 2009 Reading Challenge.


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