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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Review : Show No Fear by Marliss Melton

Title : Show No Fear
Publisher : Forever Publishing
Genre : Romantic Suspense
ISBN : 978-0446509275
Series : Yes, #7 Navy SEALs Series
Rating : 3

From Amazon :


Lucy Donovan always gets her man. As a fiercely independent CIA agent, she's survived hundreds of death-defying missions. But her latest may just get her killed. Weighed down with a secret she's desperate to keep, the last thing Lucy needs is to be sent undercover with a man who brings out the best--and the worst--in her.


Navy SEAL Gus Atwater never turns down an assignment, even if it means working with the only woman he's ever loved and lost. So with a volatile mix of desire and distrust, Lucy and Gus confront their tangled past. Pretending to be man and wife is risky enough, but now the clock is running out. As their mission escalates from desperate to deadly, will Lucy's secret expose them both?

Review :

Lucy Donovan has been in some dangerous situations, but nothing is more dangerous than being paired up with the Navy SEAL that stole her heart. She left him during college to continue a career in the CIA. It's been years since she's seen him, and she hasn't been with a man since. Her next assignment is to be paired with this Navy SEAL, Gus Atwater, in the jungle to extract American captives. The only problem is, Lucy must pretent to be Gus's wife, and that will be harder than roughing it in the woods.

Gus Atwater lost the love of his life once, and he doesn't plan on losing her again. When he's paired up with her on a dangerous mission, he does everything he can to make her back out of it. Lucy, on the other hand, is extremely stubborn, and she won't back out of a mission. Now it's up to Gus to extract the American captives, and keep Lucy Donovan alive. It will take everything they have to pull off this mission, and keep their hands off of each other.

This is the seventh book in the Navy SEALs Series by Marliss Melton. This was my first book by this author, and I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the story. My go-to genre is Paranormal, and it's difficult for me to pull myself away from it, but I was glad that I did to dive into this book.

Show No Fear was packed with action from the very first page and drew me in from the start. Although their is plenty of danger while extracting American captives from a terrorist group, I was more interested in whether or not they were going to give into their desires and admit they were madly in love with each other.

I'm looking forward to going back and reading the first six books in this series by Marliss Melton, starting with Forget Me Not. I'd like to thank Anna Balasi from Hatchette Books for sending me an ARC of this book to review here on Falling Off The Shelf, she is always a pleasure to work with.

This book was also read for the August 2009 Reading Challenge.


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