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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Update : August 11th

Hello my wonderful readers! I have been slacking here at Falling Off The Shelf..but there is good reason, lots of happy times over here in Pennsylvania! Although, I have missed you guys very much..and have been grumpy knowing I can't do my normal memes and stuff :(

Anywho! The reason I haven't been doing my normal memes is because this month has been centered around tons of new events in my life, and some that I've been supporting in my family and friends. I've already attended 2 bachelorette parties, a birthday party (there were 3 bday people attending!), and now I've got a baby shower and a wedding (not to mention those are on the same day)! Wow, I've been busy. I'm so happy for everyone in my life and have been glad that I've been able to spend these happy times with them..But guess what! There may be happy times for me in the near future...and I'm EVEN MORE EXCITED!!

I just got news from my fiance yesterday, that there is a VERY LIKELY chance that a friend of ours might be selling us his trailer...and the lot it lies on! I know, not much..but at the current time we live with my parents and 3 well as their 2 pets. It's quite cramped right now! This trailer will be great, with low monthly payments and even better...2 I'll have one specifically for all my books!!! (My fiance's idea, lol). I'll be finding out later today if it's a go, as we're going to check it out (it may need a little fixing up)..and I'll let everyone know!

As for now...I'm sorry I've been late on my posts, but today you'll get to see the contest winners for Tamed by a Laird, as well as my Mailbox Monday post that should have been posted yesterday...along with today's Teaser Tuesday.

You may be wondering...Where are all your reviews?!

The answer to this question is...most of the books I've been reading are on a scheduled blog tour, so those reviews will be posted on those respective date. You can look forward to my reviews of Damas, Dramas, and Ana Ruiz by Belinda Acosta, and Seduce Me by Robyn Dehart later this week! Plus...GIVEAWAYS! Woo!

So without further ado...I will now post what you have been missing out on...

Happy Reading!