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Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekly Recap (Aug 24th-30th)

Hello my wonderful readers! I was so excited that today was the first day of school for my siblings today! That means, from now on, I'll be home an hour early each Monday..and I can get a crackin on my Monday morning tasks :) Not so great for them though, haha, having to get up so early! Sooo..anyways...

What happened last week?

**Read and reviewed A Better View of Paradise by Randy Sue Coburn for a Blog Tour
**Read Rot by Michele Lee
**Reading - Marked by Passion by Kate Perry

Contests Posted : Blogger Layout Contest

What's happening this week?

**Reviewing Rot by Michele Lee
**Reading and reviewing Marked by Passion by Kate Perry
**Reading and reviewing The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Contests to Post : (this one was supposed to be posted last week..I forgot!) 5 Copies of The Blue Star by Tony Early
3 copies of audiobook The Ravens by George Dawes Green