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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Falling Off The Shelf Swaps!

Cindy @ Princess Bookie had a great idea to create a swap site, for the books that she would like to swap out for something new.

I've done the same thing! It's a great way for us to save on shipping books out to new owners, as well as a good way for other readers/reviewers to get their hands on a book that they too would like to read/review.

You can go my swapping site, Falling Off The Shelf Swaps to find out what books are up for grabs. You don't need to swap me something to receive these books, although you may if you think I would like something that you have.

Make sure you follow that new page, that way you can get all the new updates on what I'm looking to swap out!


Anonymous said...

There is a Yahoo Groups that does this with books. It's pretty darn cool.

Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf said...

J.Kaye - what group is this? I've never heard of it.

Anonymous said...


There are others...saw those when I was searching for this one.

Anonymous said...

You already know about Frugal Reader, Paperback Swap, etc. Right?

Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf said...

Yeah, I use those frequently. I just can't afford to send out books to multiple people. I figured this way I could find people that might want a bunch of my books at a time, and I could save some shipping :)

Thanks for giving me the link to that swap, I'll check it out.

Jessica said...

This is a really cool idea! I'll check out your swapping site.