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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Last Twenty : Err 12

I've been reading a lot of these posts lately, wow. It's a quick way to see how much we bloggers depend on publishers and authors for our review sites. I'm still pretty new here on the blogosphere, but I thought I'd show how I recieved my last 12 review books. I figured after seeing Bloody Bad's, The Story Siren's, and Presenting Leanore's posts, I should contribute too!

1. Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs - borrowed from a friend at work.
2. Night Huntress by Yasmine Galenorn -
3. Ghosts I Have Been by Richard Peck - borrowed from a friend at work.
4. The Lie : A Novel by Fredrica Wagman - offered by Publisher.
5. The Satanic Mill by Otfried Preussler - borrowed from a friend at work.
6. No Mad by Sam Moffie - offered by Author.
7. Deadly Desire by Keri Arthur - Purchased.
8. Beg For Mercy by Toni Andrews -
9. Between Wyomings : My God and an iPod on the Open Road by Ken Mansfield - requested from Publisher
10. He Who Sings Last by Lisa Laird DiRosso - offered by Author.
11. I Can See You by Karen Rose - offered by Publisher.
12. A Circle of Souls by Preetham Grandhi - 0ffered by Author.

I don't think I did too bad! Most of them were either Swaps, Borrows, or Purchased...not to many requested or offered, YAY! I'm more than positive that will not be the case for some of my upcoming reviews, as I have a busy month ahead of me with tours and requested reviews..look out for them!


Katrina said...

Great! Thanks for the link back as well.

Jessica said...

Not bad at all! I really like your review of The Night Huntress. I think I'll pick up Witchling. :)
I haven't read A Circle of Souls yet, but have it. I wish I read faster!

Lenore Appelhans said...

I love your header!

When I first started, my breakdown looked very different. I purchased or borrowed most of my reviewed books. I am definitely trying to bring back a balance and not ignore my bought books just because there's no pressure to read them.