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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Upcoming Review : CSN Office Furniture

I was pleased to be recommended by J.Kaye's Book Blog to a great company called CSN Office Furniture.

They contacted me a few days ago about reviewing one of their great products, and I was thrilled to accept!

So within the next couple of weeks, I will be reviewing this wonderful bookcase here on Falling Off The Shelf!

Please be sure to check out CSN Office Furniture next time your looking for a new bookshelf! Your going to need it with all the books I've been giving away! Just remember, CSN Office Furniture is not limited to bookshelves, they also sell everything from home office furniture to presentation tools for your business!


Anonymous said...

Wow, oh wow! I am so freakin' excited for you!!!

bookmagic said...

That looks like a nice one!! I'm getting to the point of needing more shelf space, there are just too many books that I want to keep!

Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf said...

Thanks J Kaye! I'm quite excited myself :)

bookmagic - this bookshelf comes out to less than $45 after shipping costs! I can't wait till it arrives :)

Andry - they may be modern, but the prices are higher than most of my bills! Eek, we need affordable, not bank breaking! Thanks though ;)

Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf said...

Zane - like I told Andry, we want affordable! We're only reviewers that need a bookshelf to hold our massive collections. Thanks though!

Unknown said...

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Tiago said...

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