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Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions 8 : How's Your Love Life?

Monday Crazy Questions is hosted by Lani, over at Monday Crazy Questions. You should head on over and show support by participating!

1: You are driving down the street and you see the person you are dating/married to/living with walking down the street with a member of the opposite sex and it is someone you don't know...What do you think? What do you do?
-I'm the jealous type, but I wouldn't even go up to them, I'd wait until he got home and asked him what he was up to. If he says nothing, and doesn't even mention the girl, than that's when he gets the third degree!

2: The person you are dating/living with is spending a lot of time at the office these days after normal hours. Do you show up at work or call to see if he/she is there?
-I'd call first, only because I trust that he would never be doing anything to hurt me or our relationship. He's not that kind of guy, I'm sure that if it were going to happen he wouldn't have waited 7 years to do so!

3: How would you handle it if they are not at the office where they said they would be?
-I think I'd get pretty upset at first, but seeing as how he is always outside helping customers and what not, I'd think of that after awhile, and calm down. I'd be sure to ask him though when he got home.

4: Someone keeps calling and hanging up when you answer the phone while you are at home with your mate or at a dates house. Do you get suspicious?
-This actually happened to me! I did get suspicious, especially when the girl finally talked to me and told me she was with my boyfriend at that exact moment (he was lying beside me in bed), and telling me they were having an affair. It was the sister of a guy we ended up putting in jail for theft, and that guy at one point was my boyfriend's best friend.

5: You have been hinting around for a little fun in the bedroom but the person you are dating or living with is obviously ignoring the hints. It's been a LONG time. How do you handle that?
-Wow, you really thought of me when you made these questions! lol. I'd get (and got), really bitchy, lol, he took the hint but still didn't fulfil my needs. Told him he was selfish and that I was tired of getting busy whenever he wanted, but never when I wanted. It happened a long time ago...and it's been fixed, GREATFULLY!

6: Your having a relationship with someone who disappears for a few days and is just not around when you call them at times with no real explanation. You have agreed that you will not date others. What do you think is going on?
-Well, my fiance likes to play a lot of sports and when he's playing sports, he sorta tunes me out, and all thoughts of me. I'd think he was out with his brothers, and my cousins, playing sports somewhere. For some reason, none of them know how to pick up a phone unless it suits them.

7: You are at a party with a date/mate, and a member of the opposite sex is quite obviously interested in you and keeps giving you the "look". Do you look back?
What do you do?
-I'm shy, and too nice a person, so I wouldn't really flirt or anything back. I'd probably just try to ignore it, and make sure I show the interested person that I'm clearly there with someone. If they didn't get the hint by me hanging all over another guy and kissing him, that's there problem.

8: Describe your dream mate of the opposite sex. Use a photo if you wish.
-My dream mate huh? Hope Shawn doesn't decide to read No I'm just kidding...Well anywho, my dream mate...I'd have to say a man with dark hair, and dark eyes. He'd have to be pretty tall, and muscular (not overly muscular...eek, just perfect!), a couple of tattoos...oh they're hott!, some fangs...oh did I say that? lol. Maybe I should just say...the brothers of the Black Dagger Brotherhood are a great example! lol.


Lana said...

LOL well you and I agree with a lot of this!!!!!! I loved your know the dream man you described???? UHHH That pretty much matches mine too! Except for the fangs..LOL
thanks for playing!!! I appreciate your support! I hope to see you next week!!!

Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf said...

You can count on me participating next week, that was fun! I had to think a little bit..but it awoke some funny memories :) Thanks Lani!