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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Falling Off The Shelf Review Policy

If you'd like for me to review your book/s please read the following and then feel free to email me at

**Effective as of now! - I will be putting up a 25-50 page Rule (depending on how long the book is). If I can not get into a book by the allotted page amount, I will post a Did Not Finish Review stating the reasons why I didn't enjoy that novel.**

Q & A's :

Q : What kind of books do you review here?
A : I enjoy reading the following genres : Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, Cozy Mysteries, Suspense, Horror, Holocaust Fiction, Romance, Chick Lit, Dystopian Fiction, and some General Fiction. It pretty much depends on what the book is about.

Q : Will you review my book?
A : It depends. Please read this review policy thoroughly and understand all that is written here.  Then feel free to email me at

Q : Do you review e-books or audiobooks?
A : Yes I am accepting both as of now.  I do have a Kindle, so it makes things a lot easier, especially since I love reading books on it!

Q : Do you review self-published books?
A : This is a case-by-case issue.  You'll have to supply a synopsis, and any other information you may have.

Q : My book is in a series, will you still review it?
A :
If it is in a series I request all previous installments in that series, so please be able to send them along. I do not read a series out of order.

Q : When will the review be done by?
A :
As soon as I finish. I do not guarantee a review of all books, so it is a chance you have to take in sending me one. I read all books leisurely, and it could take a while for your book to be reviewed.  If you send me an ARC, I try to have those books reviewed around the release date and post all reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and as well as here.

Q : Do you write negative reviews?
A : Yes, I write negative reviews if I do not like a book.  I do not however, bash a book, I am just honest about my feelings toward it.

Q : Will you let me see the review before you post it?
A :
No, you will have to wait until it is posted. I will then send you a link to the review.

Q : What if you don't like my book?
A : I will still review it. I am honest with all reviews, even if I don't like a book. I will not bash it, but I will simply state that I didn't like it, and give my reasoning.

Q : Will you review more than one of my books?
A : Sure, if they interest me, I would be happy to.

Q : Can I send you Unsolicited Books?
A : Yes. If you have sent me books in the past, feel free to send me as many books as you would like. I trust that since you have sent me something in the past that you should know what interests me. These books may or may not be read/reviewed, as with all other requests.

Q : Can I send you extra stuff like a review copy, bookmarks, fliers, or magnets to promote my books?
A : Sure! I collect bookmarks and magnets. I also can host a lot of contests here and would be glad to include these things in a giveaway.

Q : Can you show proof of site statistics so I know your readership?
A : Of course, when you email me just request it and I will send you a PDF of my most updated stats using Google Analytics.  Current Feed Burner stats are located on my left hand sidebar.

Q : Is reviewing your sole job?
A :
No, I do work a part-time job otherwise.  I'm also pregnant and prone to napping throughout the day, lol.