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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guest Post : Robyn DeHart, author of Desire Me

Robyn DeHart

I'd like to thank Robyn for stopping by to tell us about her favorite legends.  Here she is!

For today’s blog I was asked a great, but difficult question – what is my favorite myth/legend and whether or not it inspired me to write the Legend Hunters series. I don’t know if I can pick just one, there are so many mysteries out there that I find intriguing and there is something so fascinating about legends that have caused enduring curiosity. The older the legend, it seems the more intriguing it is. 

Take Excalibur and King Arthur, who doesn’t love the Arthurian legends? The romance of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table, the love triangle between Guinevere, Arthur, and Lancelot–what’s a girl to do? But then there’s Robin Hood, another fascinating tale and it’s so like mankind to cheer for the underdog. But what about all those fabled treasures? Rumors and stories of hidden caves and chests and whatnot filled with gold, gems, and other lovely sparkly things. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about Solomon’s mines or the El Dorado, people love stories of treasure hunts.

In short I’d say that yes, my love of these myths is what inspired me to write the series. I’ve always been fascinated with archaeology and I know I’m not alone. I mean hello, Indiana Jones….need I say more? 

My love of so many legends and myths made it quite challenging to select those I would write about. I’ve always been interested in Greek Mythology so Pandora’s Box seemed a must and though it wasn’t the first legend I thought of, it did inspire the first book in the series. It seemed the perfect storyline for an adventure romance. Atlantis actually was the first myth I thought of in relation to the series so I knew I would have to write a book about that lost continent. Who isn’t fascinated by tales of lands and cities that are no more? It pulls on most of us, I think. Perhaps that’s why researchers are still looking for the land, still trying to prove the Atlantis story was real.
In my Atlantis myth, I introduce descendents who escaped the island before its untimely demise, people who settled on the first land mass they found, which happened to be Great Britain. There’s also an ancient prophecy, a secret weapon and a scavenger hunt that gets Max and Sabine (the hero and heroine) into all sorts of trouble. Add in a maniacal villain and things get dangerous very quickly. 

I hope you’ll all enjoy my take on the Atlantis myth. So pick up a copy of Desire Me and let me know what you think.

Thanks so much for having me today and for participating in my blog tour!