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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuber Thursdays (3) - October 15th

Yeah, I didn't post one of these last week. I honestly didn't have the time, with a possible move in the future. I'm beginning to think it's really not going to happen, so....yeah, kind of not happy yet kind of happy all at the same time. Weird right? I think it's because I'm afraid of change..because everytime things change..and I think they'll be for the better..they end up being worse :(

Anywho! This week I'm going to showcase a trailer of a movie that I just HAVE HAVE HAVE to go see. When it comes to movies and books..I always watch the movie first...because that way, if I'm disapointed, the book can bring me out of my slump :)


fredamans said...

I wanna see Whip It too!

Ailsa said...

Yay! More Ellen Page, and looks like a fun film. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have got to see WHIP IT!